Anonymous said: I'd like to think you're THE one. :)

I believe you’re the one. :)

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Anonymous said: What's mine is yours. ;)

And what’s mine is yours as well. :)

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I love you so much

I’ll see you soon. 😚

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I’m sick of this relationship

But it’s not what you think it is.

I want more of it. I want more than a relationship. I want it to be for eternity. I want more of what I have today. Not that something’s missing or lacking, but I want it to be ever lasting. 

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There is someone I love and that is pizza

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Coldplay piano sheet music + music videos

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Medyo serious, medyo wacky. Haha! #gpoy

Medyo serious, medyo wacky. Haha! #gpoy

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Recent web design task.

Recent web design task.

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Please remember that even if it seems that we’re not okay I still love you so much and I still care.

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